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RUSI Library
Join us to get unlimited access to:

-Our monthly Address

-One of the best military libraries in Australia

-Our Quarterly RUSI Vic newsletter

-Our weekly e-Newsletter

-Online Transcripts and documentation from our monthly addresses

-Online access to thousands of books and other media in PDF


Membership is open to all persons 18 years old and over who have an interest in all matters that relate to Australia's security and defence.

Membership is open to all: Prior Defence service is not a prerequisite!

Annual membership fees are $50 for Ordinary Members and $25 for students.




Come in, have a look around and sign up in person at;


Victoria Barracks
B Block
256-310 St Kilda Road


NOTE: Due to security requirements in Defence Establishments, if you wish to visit in person, please contact the Secretary at least 24hrs before your visit.



Download the file, fill in the details (preferably using Microsoft Word) and email back to


The RUSI of Victoria is always looking for new people to aid us in our mission to promote national security and defence issues amongst the community. All these positions are on a volunteer basis as we are a not-for-profit organisation, however the skills and knowledge you will gain through your time here will be priceless. These positions are perfect for university students, undergraduate and postgraduate and to returned service men and women looking to stay informed.

All jobs wil be flexible to meet your own learning objectives or personal interest but must also meet the needs of the institute. By obtaining a position at RUSI Victoria one can expect to develop; Knowledge on defence issues and capablities, contacts within the defence arena, communication skills, writing skills, organisational skills and many more.


To be eligible for a position at RUSI Victoria you will need to be willing to undergo a police check and a panel interview to ensure you will not be a security risk and you have the qualities and attibutes it takes to work here.

Current Vacancies


RUSI Vic only employs one intern at a time and therefore positions can be quite competitive. We have had an intern who finished up recently. We are therefore looking for our next intern to start . The start date is very flexible for the right applicant.


Length: 6 months


Dates: Flexible 


Days per week: Minimum of two days per week


Duties: Flexible to your degree and interest. Contact us for more information


Pay: $0- Unpaid


For more information, contact us 



How to apply:

Please attach your CV and a cover letter


RUSI Vic is always looking for volunteers to help the running of our library and the day to day tasks involved in running the institute. We are flexible as to what areas you wll be working in as long as it has some benefit to the Institute. Through-out your volunteering at the intitute we will have staff there to guide you through the processes and teach you many new skills. By volunteering at the institute you will also be able to gain an immense amount of knowledge on defence and national security matters.


Length: Flexible


Dates: Always


Days per week: Flexible but during normal office hours.


Pay: $0 - Unpaid


For more information, contact us 



How to apply:

Please send a enquiry by clicking below


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