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Soldiers RUSI Victoria


The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria , Inc.

ABN 46 648 764 477


The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria’s origins go back to 1831 when the Duke of Wellington founded the Naval and Military Library and Museum in London for the study and advancement of professional knowledge in the Armed Services. This later became known as the Royal United Services Institution.

The United Services Institution (USI) of New South Wales was founded in the centenary year of 1888. In 1890 the USI of Victoria was formed, and over a short period, similar Institutes were established in all the other states. Major General Sir Alexander Bruce Tulloch, first Commandant of Victoria, was instrumental in the creation of RUSI Vic. Lieutenant (later Lieutenant General Sir) John Monash was also instrumental in its early development. The USI of the ACT was formed considerably later in 1971. While all these Institutes had similar aims and had patterned themselves on the RUSI in London, they were, and remain, separate and independent organisations.

The constituent bodies in each State and the ACT agreed to federate, and the United Services Institute of Australia formally came into being on 1 January 1974.A national Journal was first published in 1977.The prefix 'Royal' was granted to the National Body in 1979 with constituent bodies in each State similarly honoured in subsequent years.


The RUSI aims to promote informed debate and improve public awareness and understanding of defence and national security of Australia. It strives to achieve this by providing forums for discussion throughout Australia. A non-political organisation that does not take a position or view on these matters, it is formally backed by the Australian Department of Defence.


RUSI fulfills its aim by:

  • Conducting regular addresses by speakers on vital international and national security and defence issues and seminars.

  • Publishing regularly the transcripts of presentations.

  • Maintaining libraries devoted to strategic and defence issues. Both historical and contemporary, RUSI Vic has the best military library in the state.

  • Publishing a Quarterly Newsletter on Defence matters

  • Issuing a weekly e-mail newsletter on Defence and other related matters

  • Maintaining an active website to promote events and provide additional benefits to members that include access to privileged documents, analysis, media and membership support.

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