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The Home Front

The Never-Ending War within our Veterans


Patrick Lindsay

South Melbourne, VIC: Affirm Press, 2023

Paperback   288  RRP: $34.99


Reviewer: Andrew Keena, April 2024


The author seeks to highlight shortcomings in mental health care for veterans both still serving and discharged for which he does a decent job with plenty of case studies, references and a few suggestions on fixing the problems.

Overall, a worthy topic deserving the full 288 pages of this book. Regrettably, however, the author could not restrain himself when it came to politics. Although he tries, it’s abundantly clear he blames one side over the other. One side is referred to by the political party when they’re in power, but the other simply as “the government” with no reference to the party and their political leanings.

There is no place for politics when soldiers are suffering. Where allocating blame or responsibility was appropriate, the author should have done so impartially and without a political agenda.



The RUSI – Vic Library thanks the publisher for making this work available for review.

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