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Emperor's Library PDFs

The full list of PDF titles acquired from the Emperor's Library is being compiled and catalogued and will be posted shortly. Please bear with us as a lot of work is involved in cataloguing thousands of new items, especially as we rely on volunteers to do this.To properly catalogue an entry, we need to open the file and examine it to discover the author, topic, publisher,etc.


To allow immediate access, while we carry out the detailed work, we have listed below the titles available. Until the titles listed below appear in our catalogue, you can order them from our Librarian by quoting the name and volume and then the title number. The title as listed will also help. So you could be referring to ‘Great War Vol 5 Title 34.History of the Pennsylvania hospital unit (Base hospital no. 10, USA) in the Great War’.


Copying and pasting from this list will help the librarian locate the item and enable him to email a copy to you. If you require more than one copy or you have a slow internet connection, we are prepared to burn the documents requested onto a CD/DVD and mail it to you.


Each Volume contains approx 100 works and they are listed in alphabetical order. Some of the collections contain maps, images, photos, drawings, media files, etc that are not reflected in the numbered lists. 


Please advise your membership number when ordering as we are unable to supply PDF copies to non-members.



The Boer War DVD includes approx 3500 images of the conflict. Unfortunately, most of these are uncaptioned and therefore have not been listed. If you are interested, they can be viewed during a visit to the library.


Lying as it does between the Napoleonic Era Wars and the American Civil War, the Crimean War is often overlooked. Yet it was a war of firsts, many of which are mistakenly attributed to the American Civil War. It was the first widespread use of steamships, field railways, war correspondents,and rifled muskets. Some fascinating books and areas covered.

Napoleonic Era

The main emphasis in these volumes is on conflists involving the United Kingdom.Hence the collections concentrate on the Peninsula Campaign, Waterloo and the War of 1812.

There is an unlisted DVD comtaining 1,400 paintings, 800 maps, nearly 3,000 uniform plates as well as other media files, such as 118 media files of French music of the era. If you wish to search this DVD, you can make an appointment to visit us.

WAR OF 1812




The Korean War list consists of mainly USA books,including 84 field manuals. As well as the listed books and Manuals, there are 200 maps, 1200 Intel Reports, 906 CIA Analyses, 200 USN Carrier reports as well as other reports too numerous for us to list at the moment.


A large number of authoritative texts as well as the various memoirs and official histories. Just about all of them are contemporary and provide an interesting insight into Military and Naval thought before the ouitbreak of World War I ten years later.

American War of Independence


A very large collection of over 900 titles. The American War of Independence established the basis for the Modern World Power that is the USA. A fascinating collection of narratives, memiors, offical histories and the like.

There is a tenth Volume with maps,paintings etc that is not listed here. If you wish to consult this volume, please contact us about visiting to view it.


The English Civi War consists of over 100 contemporary titles. We are engaged in listing these at the moment and should have the complete list available soon.Please bear with us.



This collection comprises over 700 contemporary titles. We are engaged in listing these at the moment and should have the complete list available soon.Please bear with us.

India Part 1 - Not yet active
India part 2 - not yet active
India part 3 - Not yet active
Colonial Biographies etc - not yet active
Africa - not yet active
Science vs pluck - not yet active
China, Canada and New Zealand

Not yet Active

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