RUSI (Vic) Lunchtime Addresses


     Speaker                                                                      Subject                                                  Date


Maj Gen John Stevenson A.O.             Interview at The Athenaeum Club                            2005


Dr Sandy Zalste                                   The Chain of Survival for Battlefield Trauma            Jul 2008

                                                               (PPS only)


Maj Gen Jim Molan                              Modern War An Australian General's View              Nov 2008

                                                               (PPS only)      


?                                                             Securing Afghanistan's Future.                                   Mar 2009

                                                              Reconstruction Task Force Operations

                                                               in Uruzgan Province 2008 (PPS and talk text)


Brig David O'Brien                               Project 121 (Overlander) (PPS only)                          Jun 2009


Mr Tom Trumble                                 Rescue at 2100 Hrs                                                      Jun 2014


Col. Richard Iron                                  The Changing Character of War                                Jun 2014


Cmdr Michael Oborne                         The Future of the Royal Australian Navy (audio)  Jul 2014        


Dr Wright Neville                                  Terrorism and the Threat to Australia (Audio)      Aug 2014


Prof Marylin Lake                                 The Militarisation of Australian History (Audio)    Sep 2014


Grp Capt Carl Schiller                          Project Suakin                                                             Oct 2014


Neil James                                              Australia's Defence Policy (Audio)                          Apr 2015


Prof Peter Leahy                                  Another Century another Long War                       May 2015


Dr Richard Chauvel                             Indonesia and the Relationship with Australia      Jul 2015


Prof Mesut Uyar                                   The August Offensive at Gallipoli:                          Sep 2015

                                                                An Ottoman Perspective


Mr David Archibald                             Australia's Defence                                                   Nov 2015


Maj Gen A Denaro                               Just Fighting                                                               Mar 2016


Dr Adam Paul Bandt MP                    Greens Defence Policy                                              April 2016


Maj Gen Peter Haddad A.O.              The Defence White Paper and what                        Jun 2016

                                                                it means for Victorian Industry


Maj Gen John Frewen                         Military Strategic Commitments                              Aug 2016


Vice Adm Tim Barrett A.O.                The Navy and the Nation                                           Sep 2016


Air Cdre Stephen Osborne               Today's Air Force & Current Operations                 Nov 2016


Prof Greg Barton                                Impact of Fundamentalist Islam on                        Feb 2017

                                                              Australian/Indonesian Relations


Dr DW Rogers A.O.                              Allied Central Bureau New Guinea Sigint              Mar 2017


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