The Emperor's Library 

Digitized Works

We have been fortunate enough to acquire nearly the full range of professionally scanned rare and OOP books available from this source. Virtually all are contemporary with the conflicts they describe. The conflicts covered are:

English Civil War (being catalogued)

American War of Independence

British Colonial Wars Incl Maori Wars and Boxer Rebellion(being catalogued)

Napoleonic Era

  -Peninsula War

  -Waterloo and Wellington

  -War of 1812

Mexican-American War of 1846-48 (being acquired)

Crimean War

Bismarck's Wars (being acquired)

Boer War

Russo-Japanese War

Great War

Korean War

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USA Army Green Series

Another series of PDFs held by the library is a complete set of the United States Army Green Book Series, covering all aspects of the Army during World War Two. Not only does it have the campaign histories but it also has a large range of other World War Two related books, monographs and pamphlets. Special studies include "Buying Aircraft: Material Procurement for the Army Air Forces" and the reports of General MacArthur, an obvious asset when considering his relationship with Australia in World War Two.

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