How a Combat Soldier Conquered Chronic PTSD

to Live a Life that Truly Matters,

and How You Can Too


Kevin Lloyd-Thomas

Global Publishing Group, 2018

Paperback   240pp   RRP: $29.95


Reviewer: Neville Taylor, June 2019


The author devotes a considerable portion of his work describing his life history to his current situation. For many years he was of the opinion ‘There was nothing wrong with me’, but stopped on the brink of ending his own life by asking ‘Is this where I want to be (finish up)?’

Whilst set in a military scenario, the necessary steps can be extrapolated to fit virtually any circumstances. By asking the reader whether he/she can say ‘Me too’ to key situations in his own life, Lloyd-Thomas sets out to identify whether the reader may have a problem that has been subconsciously overlooked or is not recognised. This is the first step in beating PTSD.

The process of asking for help whilst keeping it within a tight circle of only those who need to know is stressed, thus eliminating the fear of any stigma developing is discussed at length. Organisations, websites and reference books are provided in a comprehensive Appendix: Resources and Further Information.

The importance of identifying mistakes in writing setting goals and life choices that will benefit the individual, their family, relatives, friends and place of employment are explored in detail in the latter portion of the book. These come under Lloyd-Thomas’ The Five-Step Life Plan and Pillars of Wisdom and The Seven Pillars of Success. Today his own purpose and passion is in helping those who may well be in a similar situation that he found himself in during his darkest days. [Within four hours of contacting Kevin’s publisher, I had a 20-minute conversation with Kevin and received the e-book version of Beat PTSD!]

This is a very readable and non-threatening account of one person’s experience that highlights key issues pertinent in recognising the need to seek help. A number of photographs have been included and it comes with three bonus items available through the Beat PTSD website:

Bonus One – How to Find Your Purpose

Bonus Two – Goal Setting Kit

Bonus Three – Health Meditation – Audio



The RUSI – Vic Library thanks the author for making this work available for review.





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