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Libyan forces prepare for last push against Islamic State in Sirte


Added 8 Sept 2016

New wars that could be unleashed as a result of the one against ISIS


Added 8 Sept 2016

Is China's national Strategy fatally flawed?
added 27 July 2015
China places SAMs on disputed islands.


Added 22 Feb 2016

Russian Strategic Bomber fleet expanded by 300%
added 2 june 2015


China has deployed MIRV Missile according to Pentagon.
added 16 June 2015
Claims that ISIS is seriously targetting Indonesia
added 20 July 2015
An estimate of the real cost of Chinese warships.


Added 2 July 2015

Janes report on the new Russian Destroyer plans.
added 14 May 2015
USA and Turkey plan ISIS free Safe Zone in Northern Syria?
added 28 July 2015
Is Jihad the main threat to African Security?
added 29 July 2015

USA Weapons needs

for the Future?

The Weapons the USA needs but doesn't want?
added 23 July 2015
Chinese Navy in Anti-Carrier buildup.
added 3 August 2015
Indian navy commences 100 ship buildup.
added 30 July 2015
Japan launches 20,000 ton DDH.
added 31 August 2015
China's First Drone Wars
added 20 August 2015
Russia's Conscript problem
added 31 August 2015
New Russian Fighter display at Air Show
added 31 August 2015
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