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Aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force



Newport, NSW: Big Sky Publishing, 2021

Hardback     640pp   RRP $59.99


Reviewer: Neville Taylor, February 2022


This impressive tome outlines the story behind 176 aircraft types used by the RAAF in its first 100 years. Included are comprehensive notes on the history of acquisition, number of aircraft, operation, and service record, as well as those lost in service. The legendary exploits of aircrew have also found their place beside the history of the aircraft. Excellent photographic coverage entices readers to continue browsing, with photos of historic occasions frequently included.

The aircraft have been broken into three Series, and they are listed as A1, A2, etc for each Series. The First Series comprised only twelve aircraft, the Second Series 2 one hundred which led on to the (current) Third Series. This basically places aircraft in their chronological appearance in the RAAF, but this categorization has been supplemented by an included Index and Quick Reference Guide (by role) to enable easy navigation for those not aware of an aircraft’s A-number.

There has been more than sufficient detailed history included to satisfy the researcher or any layperson wishing to acquaint themselves with our most technical Service. An excellent and fitting publication to mark the RAAF’s centenary and a must for any military history library.



The RUSI – Vic Library thanks the publisher for making this work available for review.

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