As always, we continue to receive books from publishers for review. This allows us to keep up with many of the most recent  publicatiuons in the field. Neville Taylor is always keen to find members who wish to review books and he always has a number on hand. If you feel up to reviewing, please contact Neville through the Secretary.


We have had some great donations recently. The Naval Historical Society of Victoria has had to downsize and offered us their library to fill gaps. The result is that we now have a very large naval section, which had been sadly deficient in the past.


Frank Covill has also downsized and a number of excellent publications have come our way, many not held by other libraries in Australia. Of particular note are a number of original maps of WW I, and most interesting are those of Gallipoli.  


The estate of the the late Jim Hughes also offered us a chance to acquire some rare books. While some we received were already held, what makes these all the more interesting are the notations Jim made alongside the text, correcting  the books from his own personal knowledge.


A lady in Canada has sent us a number of books from her late husband's library. He was very interested in the War in the Pacific, and in particular Malaya and Singapore. Many of these books are not widely available in Australia and have expanded our collection in these areas. 


And of course, the output in digital form from the Emerpeor's Library continues apace. Recent conflicts covered include the Mexican-American War, the Wars of German Unification, The Spanish-American War, the First Sino-Japanese War as well as many others. We are endeavouring to list these so you can see what we hold and then proceed with proper cataloging. However, with the large number of books being donated and acquired, we are struggling to keep up, so please bear with us.



The Imperial War Museum, London has  digitised all British War Diaries for the Western Front in World War One, in PDF on DVD. This is a huge undertaking. Since many of these units served with or alongside ANZAC units, they will enable a researcher to gain a greater insight into operations there. The Library has purchased these and they are being catalogued. The format is encrypted so  they will only be avaialable at the RUSI Library.












The Library has definitely moved into the 21st Century by paradoxically going back in time. Thanks to the efforts of a chap called Paul Cordell, who manages an enterprise called The Emperor's Library, ( the RUSI of Victoria Library has managed to acquire over 9000 items of rare and out of print material in PDF. They range from books on Medieval warfare,  the English Civil War, American War of Independence through the Napoleonic era, War of 1812, Crimean War, British Colonial experiences including the Maori wars and the Boxer rebellion through to the American civil War, Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, Boer War, Russo-Japanese War, World War One and the Korean War.


The main effort is naturally the books, all scanned professionally, but there is a very large number of photos, maps and drawings included.  The Boer War Collection alone has 3,500 images. Counting books alone, we have expanded our book collection by 10% with more on the way.


Click on the "PDF Files" button below to see a list of some of the titles we hold. If you would like to check out the books, please contact the Librarian who will be only too pleased to email the PDF to financial members.

Due to contractual reasons, these files are not available to non-members.



Also held in PDF are the Complete US Army publications on World War II. These have been professionally scanned by the US Army Center for Military History and made available in PDF.

All volumes of the Campaigns as well as many behind the scenes volumes are included.

Again,for the full list, click on the "PDF Files" button.

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